Volunteer Support Staff Vital to Ringing Hill

While volunteer firefighters are in the action and are often the face of a fire company, there are many behind-the-scenes roles at Ringing Hill Fire Company. From cooking and managing the kitchen at events to cleaning trucks and running fundraisers, the volunteer support “staff” and auxiliary members keep the fire company up and running.

One of Ringing Hill’s annual fundraisers is the Easter Egg Candy Sale.

Donna Weil is one of those supportive volunteers, who has been with Ringing Hill Fire Company for more than 4 years now and a board member for 3 years. Currently, Weil and many other members are busy making peanut butter and coconut eggs for the Easter Egg Candy Sale. The company got started March 8 and the community can place orders until March 28 or sold out.

After mixing the ingredients and rolling the eggs, they must be dipped in either milk or dark chocolate, and boxed up once the chocolate is dry. This is typically a 5-week process to fulfill all the orders.

In addition to helping with the Easter Egg Candy Sale, Weil volunteers at weekly Bingo on Saturdays.

“I love it. I love people,” said Weil. “Bingo is my number one thing I like to do – that’s why I do it every week.”

With often more than 100 people attending weekly Bingo, Ringing Hill must ensure there are enough volunteers to run the events. They need volunteers to sell tickets, call numbers, count cash and work in the kitchen.

“The more volunteers we have, the better our events are,” said Weil. “We can always use more volunteers.”

Bingo and other fundraisers are vital to bring money into the fire company to pay for truck and grounds maintenance, the cost of training and gear, and all other expenses that come up in between.

Weil’s favorite event is the Christmas Run with Santa and Mrs. Claus each December. The Ringing Hill fire trucks run routes around Lower Pottsgrove Township to say hi to the kids and adults waiting outside, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus hand out candy to the children.

Weil helped make 600 bags of candy for this event and followed some of the fire trucks in another company vehicle.

“I love seeing all the kids’ smiling faces,” she said.

After the event, there is a special dinner at Ringing Hill Fire Company just for volunteers and their families, and kids open presents.

Weil is also excited for the next holiday season because they are planning something brand new: a digital light display. People will be able to drive up to the station to watch the light display from their cars. Christmas music, which can be listened to from the car radio, will also be synched to the show.

For anyone who is interested in volunteering at community events and fundraisers, Weil said, “A good volunteer for this is a person who has an easy-going personality and gets along with others.”

Weil describes herself as a people-person and loves interacting with the community and also spending time with the firefighters; however, there are also less public facing roles. Ringing Hill Fire Company also needs assistance with cleaning, cooking and maintenance.

Anyone interested in volunteering or learning more, should fill out the inquiry form at JoinRingingHill.org.